Platform Eco System

MIFI Yield Farm
§ Organized around the tokens most used by customers
§ Utilize appropriate one of the major LPs of PANCAKESWAP and MILKYSWAP
§ Set up a boosting period to pay bonuses until a specific date
§ Flexible additional supply for LP products
§ Limited sales with a limit set for event products
The LP Token Staking service is a new market for decentralized finance that guarantees the most stable customer assets and can generate profits. Many DeFi services that appeared in 2020 have proven their stability and profitability. Among them, we start farming from products of PANCAKESWAP with high stability. Booster payout rate PANCAKESWAP receives 15% additional acceleration service.
The Reward received from the Staking Service, proportionally decreases in line with increases in Staking Pool participation. To try and offset this affect, MIFI Yield Farm has been to designed to feature a separate Booster Reward. The Booster Reward steadily increases the Reward supply till the point at which Staking Pool Rewards dramatically decrease at which point the Booster Reward sharply increases. The rate if Booster Reward increase, reaches its maximum at the end of the Boosting period, thereby ensuring that high levels of Rewards can be enjoyed till the end of the Campaign. The Booster Service will operate in 3 stages each lasting about 90days, or 270 days for all 3 stages. At the conclusion of the 3 stages, MIFI Yield Farm will close, and a new Yield Farm will the launched.